linda mcfarling, pottery, pouring vessels, platters, soda fired

My aim as a functional potter is making pots that honor the rich tradition of the past, while hopefully adding to them. I am currently working with several different clay bodies, fired in a salt-soda kiln. I restrict myself to only a few slips and glazes. I find myself very inspired as well as challenges working within these confines. It allows me an intimacy and interaction throughout the whole process.

My primary interest has always been form. I want my work to show a strength and freshness from the making throughout the firing. I prefer to work in a style that lets one pot tell me what to do with the next. Each kiln load, while yielding exciting new pots, also gives me invaluable information for further refinement. Slow, steady, always evolving.

My whole purpose in the making pots is to share the joy I derive from this incredible creative process with the user.

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